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33 lt black suitcase with aluminum finish equipped with upper opening door

Available in two versions with a capacity of 46litre (TRK46N) and 33litri (TRK33N), the new TREKKER are the ideal solution for motorcycles equipped with a tailpipe only on one side; in fact, fitting the smallest suitcase on the side where the muffler is present and the large one on the other side, in many cases the problem of the asymmetry that would be obtained with traditional side suitcases is solved.
Thanks to the selectors located inside the suitcases, on both versions it is possible to decide whether to open the entire cover, or just the upper door (very practical to introduce or extract objects from the suitcase during the trip avoiding to overturn the whole Baggage).
Embellished with a precious sheet in real anodized aluminum, these suitcases are particularly suitable not only for road enduro, but also for the most elegant touring bikes.
The particularity of being sold in single packaging, and to be used as top case top case on the Monokey plates, allows the customer to choose the combination that most satisfies his space requirements, deciding which versions to mount on his bike.

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